Enneagram Type 1

What does it mean to be number 1? You are absolutely right, itís perfect! Above all else, 1s want to be right always and perfect.

Perfection has no limits on the unhealthy side. Although it generally means impeccable housekeeping, some 1s are PERFECT slobs! Whatever the situation, it must be perfect and will not be satisfying to the average or unhealthy 1 any other way. When things are out of control, the 1 tries to fix the situation as quickly as possible. And look out if they start pointing fingers at you for disrupting their arena of perfection!

1ís tendencies are to procrastinate when things are not going to be as perfect as necessary. 1s are always hard workers and strive for their ideals. Theyíll start over from scratch when something is out of whack.

Healthy 1s have a wonderful way of sharing their serenity, showing us all that we exist in every right moment for every right reason and every perfect place.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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