Enneagram Type 2

Average 2s think: “A friend in need is a friend indeed!” If your fear is of being alone, find yourself an average 2, on the borderline of being unhealthy. As long as you say thank you and let them know you need them around, they’ll be there. You might feel smothered at times, but you’ll never feel lonely! One thing for sure, though: try to give them what they want on occasion and if you can’t read their minds, ask them until they tell you.

Although they can run out of steam, an average to unhealthy 2 would never admit to exhaustion, so you can count on them to volunteer at the slightest cry for help. They do have limits however, and you don’t want to be in their way when they feel taken for granted. 8-mode is more explosive coming from a 2 than 8’s could ever realize.

2s are genuinely good and believe this to be the case no matter which health pattern they’re experiencing. What we are dealing with here is the energy of unconditional love on the healthy side. Pure, sweet, and saintly, our healthy 2 friends are the most loving humans you’ll ever meet.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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