Enneagram Type 3

Competitionís the game, 3ís the name! Winning is everything and the unhealthy 3 doesnít feel anything for anyone when on the road to success. Goal-focused average and unhealthy 3ís donít even concern themselves with their own feelings, not to mention anyone elseís. This is especially true when a project that will make them look good is involved. Thereís no room for incompetency in the world of unhealthy 3s, so just let them speed by you on their path to the next success. A word of caution: thereís no limit to what the unhealthy and some average 3s would do to earn approval.

3ís believe we all make our own reality. They were convinced of this at an early age. So that is precisely what 3s do, concentrating only on the reality of whatever they can perform well and in areas where they will shine brightly. At times the 3 can become really confused about who they are because they have done such a good job at the image they were trying to portray that they are the image. Unhealthy 3s believe they are the image not the self. Motivated by what they accomplish, 3s even make love a project. Itís never the 3 that is loved, but what the 3 has done which means something.

When the 3 realizes that all the projects in the world have nothing to do with their Higher Self, they share their hearts with those close to them and experience intimate relationships. Healthy 3ís lead others into loving and being honest with themselves.

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