Enneagram Type 4

“To be or not to be, that is the question” of average to unhealthy 4s. No matter how good things are for now, the 4’s feel that there is something missing. When love is involved, an unhealthy or average 4 finds something to long for which will not be possible with their relationship. They go out of their way to attract people who won’t fulfill their needs, relationships that will never take place, or past loves that will never be again. The 4’s imagination is so powerful that it wouldn’t be humanly possible to live up to their delusions of grandeur anyway.

Sometimes a 4 can be shaken out of their pity-party by bringing them to the present moment, but as soon as possible, the unhealthy 4 will leap back into the past or dream about the future. You will get an argument if you dare to point out the fact that they never take an easy path or that they are obsessed with the unavailable. And when 4s are really low energy, they believe that the future holds promise for them or they don’t stay on this plane.

On the healthy side of 4, you will find an abundance of creativity which takes on a multitude of forms. Healthy 4s teach us all how to dig deeply within to understand and love ourselves.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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