Enneagram Type 5

Watch the 5s squirm now as we talk about them, because they like to watch and analyze everyone else, but donít try to pry into their life unless they open their doors to you. Thereís at least another whole world inside the mind of a 5, if not two or three more. If you find a talkative 5, you will find an intellectual on many subjects. On the average to unhealthy side of 5, though, you will not even know he or she is in the same room with you. Rather than taking action, the average to unhealthy 5 would rather think about and analyze all the shoulds, coulds and possibilities.

Average to unhealthy 5s are difficult to reach. They form a protective wall for their emotions and view the world from their own inner perspective of skepticism about the environment. In this space, donít try to touch a 5 ó it will startle them too much. 5s believe they donít need much in life to be happy. Look carefully though, and youíll see the quality of what they do have materialistically is the best money can buy in their opinion. 5s also like to group their friends in various categories, so that 5s only show one part of themselves at a time. For example, their immediate family would be one group, computer club would be another group, church or spiritual friends would be another group, etc. As long as each group remains within their particular boundaries of pleasure for the 5, the average to unhealthy 5 will share and relate. But if the groups are combined for some reason, a 5 on the low side will disappear.

When 5s remove the walls of their safe zones, they become true leaders, understanding and sharing their wisdom. Healthy 5s teach us all how to appreciate and nurture ourselves and our environment.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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