Enneagram Type 6

ďPlay it safeĒ is the motto for an average to unhealthy 6. Most 6s work well in a disciplined structure. They will do what is expected of them, even if they donít like their duties. Give responsibility to a 6 and he or she will follow the rules completely. They may ask you to clarify the rules a few million times if they respect your authority because they want to make sure they are within the proper guidelines.

6ís behavior on the low side is two-sided. They know how to obey authority even when they want to do something else. But, if you push them too hard, take heed ó they will bite your head off! If you are nice to them, they will be the most loyal friend you have ever had. They usually know and rarely step outside of their boundaries, when they feel secure. When paranoia is aroused, however, a 6 will stir up more trouble than you can believe.

The 6ís imagination goes wild when their security is threatened, which causes them to accumulate many fears and doubts. Seemingly cautious about everything, when it comes to emergency situations, 6s are first to the rescue and react totally without fear during the crisis. Itís the little things for 6s that are often distorted out of proportion.

Healthy 6s teach us to have the courage it takes for all that we desire to accomplish. We also learn how to have faith in and trust each other from healthy 6s.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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