Enneagram Type 8

Those looking for protection would find their personal bodyguard and more in an average to unhealthy 8. Seemingly fearless, 8s like to fight for what they feel is politically correct. However, on the low side, 8s want everyone to believe fully in their viewpoints. Donít be surprised if their perspective is biased because they learned how to make their own rules at an early age.

On the low side, the essence of 8 is forceful power, insurmountable strength and extreme aggression. It is simply a matter of survival of the fittest for 8s and they donít realize how aggressive they are when they are on a mission to protect. An 8 would be the first to tell everyone what to do and usually with such direct energy that everyone would immediately take heed and fall into line behind them.

Lions, kings and queens come to mind when experiencing 8 energy in all spectrums. On the low side youíll find well-constructed barriers and on the high side an incredible tenderness and loving leadership. The healthy 8s help us understand that divine power is possible only when the good of all is the goal.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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