Enneagram Type 9

If you want someone to agree with you, just ask an average to unhealthy 9. But dont expect them to be loyal to your opinions, because they will also agree with the opposite stance. The workings of the average or unhealthy 9s mind looks like an internal tug of war, caught in the middle between love and hate.

9s are stubborn and pleasant simultaneously. Rather than making a decision, some favorite responses are I dont know, I dont care, and, especially maybe. Although the desired result is to keep everyone on a peaceful note, these responses usually infuriate most other personality types. Peace-loving 9s can be pushed overboard and will explode like a volcano when feeling threatened. Its almost good for them to become angry though, because they usually will let you know their true feelings.

Combining the positive traits of their wings, healthy 9s teach us how to live together in harmony with each other and accept ourselves just as we are. Unity and oneness are the high side energies of 9.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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