A Catholic Priest Lives Here

He Thinks He's In Heaven

Father Paul A. Hostettler

Father Paul often changes his main web site. The following links open up new browser windows. Simply close the windows to return to Prosperity.
I am a retired Catholic priest of the Diocese of Knoxville living in Copperhill in beautiful Southeast Tennessee near the Tennessee-Georgia-North Carolina state lines in the United States of America. To keep active and be of service to the Church and the people, I volunteer to be the local parish priest. I also attempt to play golf, usually several times a week, and I belong to the local No Name Computer Club.

The quizzical expression on my face was my response to Ron Henry when he called my name at the Breakfast Club table to get my attention before shooting me with "his" Sony Mavica Digital camera.

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P.O. Box 18304
Louisville KY 40261
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