Body Mind and Spirit
at Delphi University
July 2003
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Spiritual Art
Neila, Marie France and Holly

Connie and Niela make art

The collages show the patterns in our lives.

Doris's art shows her spirit.
Marie France, Doris, Poochie, Niela, Connie, Holly

The Delphi Healing Passage Students enjoyed automatic writing

Psychic Investigation of the area

We walked like indians. This area is the Trail of Tears

The students decided to goof off

Walking the Healing Passage

Connie felt like she was "home"
Poochie Myers enjoys the woods.

The transition bridge

Parable Readings

Prosperity Chart class
Psychic Readings

Parable Psychic Readings

Psychic Investigation

The investigation was at a
Mexican Restaurant
Elizabeth, the owner, joins the investigation

Conference at Mexican Restaurant

Steve Smith and Kelly Hayes in the Delphi office

Janice Hayes and class

Holly Hogue

Niela Pace runs the Oasis Gallery at Delphi