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The UnHaunting of Hill House of Elizabethtown KY
July 22, 2000       Click on photos for a larger view and use your browser back button to return to this page. Underlined names are linked to email addresses.
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We arrive in Mennonite Country Our first indication of things to come.....ooooooh!
The Cemetary was quiet. The owners of the house had a mill and this store.
There was a gathering. Rick Hogue entertains the group - to keep them from too much fear.
Our first look. This proud beauty had many secrets.
The back rooms of the house had to be entered only from the outside. The kitchen, but not the original kitchen.
The main gathering room. Lots of action was on the stairs.
In one of the bedrooms a lady had died of tb. We all felt the shortness of breath. The front hall where spirit hid under the stairs.
Settling in. To the right are Ryan Bush, Darren Bush, Christy Boston, David Low and Holly Hogue. To the left, the backs of Karen Gatti, Rebecca Foley and Robert Robertson. On around the circle, some hidden: Tom Roatz, Diane Christopher, Bruce and Elaine Wood, Melissa Cobb, Debbie Benningfield, and David and Chrissy Cloud. Getting to know each other
Melissa Cobb, Debbie Benningfield, and David and Chrissy Cloud Brent and Maria Mehring are the last to arrive - but not too late.
Poochie Myers tells the group about energy. Rebecca Foley, Karen Gatti and Maria Mehring are behind her. Karen hands out pencils and paper for each to write their findings during the investigation.
Christy Boston, Darren Bush, and Ryan Bush listening as Poochie shares tales from other investigations. There were more ticks than spirits...maybe?
The other side of the house as the investigation begins. Most of the group started their investigation outside of the house.
Photo taken during the investigation Bruce bravely investigating THE DARKEST ROOM!
Elaine has completed her investigation. Kathy and Buddy Burgess, the owners of the house, visit with Poochie the next day to find out what happened. Several events kept them safe and sound in Louisville while the investigation and seance took place.
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