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Leslie Aguillard, RN
is a Usui Reiki Master and Registered Karuna Reiki Master offering a variety of alternative and complimentary health care modalities to teach, treat and enhance your wellness and healing.

Imagine relaxing in peaceful surroundings. All you can hear are the soft tones of flowing music. With the cares of the world melting away you feel the healer’s hands gently placed on your shoulders. You’re connected! This is the all-important prelude to healing.
You can perceive the healer working first on, and then through, the aura. Healing at this level, you feel the merest non-physical tickling but once the hands move towards or onto the body you can feel the surge of energy more strongly – immense heat or even buzzing. Each chakra is checked in turn for sufficient energy and to remedy blockages.
The healer uses light, energy and love which is channelled from the universe. Although these are spiritual healers some have a strong religious belief and others do not – the only requirement is the understanding that they are channelling from a higher source. As for the patient, no religious faith is necessary. Healing, on whatever level is necessary, will always take place.
Thousands of healers in Britain are certified by a country-wide organisation. The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) offers training to would-be healers; certifies those who are trained and have testimonies from three “cured” patients; provides a referral service to the public who want to trace a local healer; and acts as an information centre.
The NFSH was founded by British healing pioneer Harry Edwards. It is now the largest healing organisation in the world with affiliated associations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Despite the fast growth of spiritual healing in the west, it is still the subject of a ban in some countries. It is illegal in parts of Europe due to religious belief.
In Britain, healers visit the housebound, work within doctors’ surgeries and also run local healing centres. Frequently only a small charge is made for the services of a healer. In a centre, a 15-minute session costs between £3–£10 depending on how much the patient is able to afford.
So, is healing for you? Well the answer is to try it. It’s a very gentle alternative therapy and, if on the receiving end, requires very little participation except to remain receptive. It’s non-invasive and not harmful – at the very least it will not exacerbate a physical condition but will, in all probability, help. Sometimes the healing works in one session or it may take several (and some self-development) to shift a problem.
Could you be a healer yourself? Give it a go! If you have been searching for the next step along your own spiritual path and you’ve been attracted to healing, why not? Healers are offered “hands-on” instruction at local centres and there are plenty of three-day introductory courses to demonstrate the theory and offer practical advice.
Choosing the healing pathway is not a soft option. The work is rewarding but you need to undertake much self-development along the way. It will inevitably change the way you perceive the world and yourself. But think of the bonuses! A greater awareness, spirituality, a loving heart and giving something precious to those in need.

by Sally Seward

Dichroic Glass Runestones
color chart

An ancient alphabet to help with inward focus, directing us to the part of ourselves where we know the answer. Designed with a magical feel, these rainbow rune stones are highlighted with dichroic glass.
Each rune is created with intent, handmade and imbued with the power of its symbol. A booklet describing each symbol is included. A set includes
25 runestones packaged in a deep blue suedine bag. Each stone measures approximately 1/2" x 3/4".


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