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Prosperity Or Better Times TenIn 1994, Holly and Rick coauthored the PROSPERITY LOVER'S GUIDE, "OR BETTER!" a self-help paperback stepping the reader through manifesting what they want by making charts. Charts work really well for achieving any type of goal, including health, relationships and, yes money. The book sold out and the newer version, PROSPERITY OR BETTER TIMES TEN! is available in PDF for $4. Author Poochie Myers joined Holly and Rick in the rewrite and illustrated the second book. An on-line seminar is being developed as well. If you would like to be notified when the on-line seminar is available, email Holly. You may also email for details if you would like a prosperity workshop to be facilitated in your city.

After writing the first book, Holly and Rick wanted their own center where people could meet, exchange ideas, prosper and share, but didn't want to be tied down to a physical location. Cyberspace and were the perfect fit to fulfill this dream. This cyber center of alternative healing products and services has been growing since July of 1995. In fact, people from around the world come to visit and interact in Ask for Prosperity to the tune of 350,000-plus hits per month. Free readings are linked from the main page of Ask for Prosperity.


Holly HogueHolly Hogue is a writer, communicator, intuitive, Ro-Hun therapist, graphotherapist, image builder, and motivational trainer, working with people who want to feel good about themselves. Utilizing her understanding of basic personality types derived from the Enneagram, Ro-Hun processes, prosperity philosophies and handwriting alterations, Holly provides alternatives for those who ASK to achieve their highest good.

She has a keen understanding of color and has developed an extensive on-line reading program just for fun. Try out your own FREE color reading. To go with your color therapy, she has developed greeting cards. Just email the colors you like and she'll make a card just for you (prices range from $3-$15).

Holly loves Rick, helping people achieve their goals, updating web sites of interest, playing bridge, the Enneagram, flowers, vegetables and animals--especially her dogs:
Zorro Zorro is a MaltiPoo
who loves to
play ball 24
hours a day.
Zen Zen is also a MaltiPoo.
She likes to bark
shrilly when she thinks
people might step on her.

garden on deckMost of the flowers you see in Ask for Prosperity are extracted from photos of the Hogue's garden. Personality type 3 on the Enneagram, Holly is enthusiastic about several PROJECTS.

Holly is involved with 15Thousand Farmers of Louisville and is looking forward to planting another deck garden.

RickRick Hogue shares the same metaphysical background as Holly, plus he is a Reiki Master.

His main focus is on helping people buy and sell their homes. Rick's Blog about Real Estate shows just how much he really loves the real estate business. Call him (502-649-3431) if you know of someone who wants to buy or sell their home.

If you have a web site or want to create one, contact Rick or visit Intent.Net. Rick developed the Ask for Prosperity web site years ago, formulated the structure, designed the logo, and developed several of the pages within this vast web site. He is also a computer guru.

Rick loves Holly, computers of ALL sizes and platforms, helping people, hosting and developing web sites, driving, cooking, tools, flowers and animals. Rick, personality type 2 on the Enneagram, is always ready to HELP.

Rick has a great eye for design and an extremely green thumb. Check out Just for Fun from time to time to see his latest home projects. In 2002, he and Holly put wooden floors down throughout their house and in 2003 they built a deck.

You Deserve These CardsYou Deserve These Cards!

With Poochie Myers, Holly and Rick designed a deck of cards called "You Deserve These Cards!" If you enjoy Tarot, Runes, Medicine Cards, or similar cards, but would prefer to have interpretations spelled out on the cards, You Deserve These Cards! You don't need to memorize symbols or take workshops to use These Cards! They were channelled to work with any type of reading, and for daily clarification or affirmation building.

A box of You Deserve These Cards! contains 100 playing-size cards in a rainbow of chakra colors, with affirmations and operative words on each end. The Ring of Completion layout and interpretation is included in each deck, which portrays your most current opportunities and helps you focus. The affirmations and operative words are all available in for your own self-reading. A deck of cards is $15 and can be purchased online, via fax or snail mail with shipping & handling included. Each purchase goes toward the development of the Ask for Prosperity web site.

A Workbook combining the Enneagram with Graphotherapy
The information in this web site about the Enneagram was written by Holly. If you know anything about the Enneagram, you'll notice that the arrows on the diagram designed by Rick are pointing toward the higher side paths of each point. Holly is writing a workbook which will provide self-help for those who are ASKING to improve their well-being by understanding their Enneagram personality type. Handwriting suggestions to assist people to experience the higher-self side of their personality, focus exercises and affirmations will be interwoven into the workbook.

Co-owners of Letters Etcetera! inc. and Intent Net
In 1991, Letters Etcetera! inc. started as a typesetting operation. It grew into an international design firm and onward to what it is today a cooperative publishing and motivational company. Holly and Rick Hogue work together with hundreds of graphic designers, editors, printers and computer wizards to turn ideas and manuscripts into beautiful extensions of business goals on the Internet. Intent.Net was formed in the last quarter of 1997 by Holly and Rick. Rick had become so enthused about the Internet, he wanted to provide storage space for web sites and help developers. Please check it out: Intent Net.

Personal Photos and Links: Ducks, Dogs and Really Big Fish, Flowers and Water Garden


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