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Know Yourself

Affirmations by Holly and Rick Hogue and Poochie Myers
Developed for entertainment and pleasure, you'll pick a number from 1 to 200 for an affirmation reading. You will always select the most appropriate affirmation for you.

Astrology Astrology was first used to predict and explain large-scale events. Your birthday is a grand event, so see what is in the stars for you by visiting the astrology experts.

Scientists have discovered body cycles that are known as biorhythms. Charting your biorhythms can provide information about your physical, emotional, intellectual cycles.

Color Readings by Holly Hogue
Color readings in Prosperity are for fun and entertainment. Find out what shapes and colors you are attracted to and why. You may be surprised!

Enneagram Forum in Prosperity Enneagram
The Enneagram is a tool for understanding our personalities. Meet the Enneagram experts in Prosperity or read the helpful articles in this section to assist you in getting to know yourself and others. The Enneagram now includes an open discussion area!

Did you know that you can change some traits about your personality that you're not fond of by changing your handwriting? Visit the experts in this section to discover how.

Hieroglyphics was a system of "Picture Writing" used in Ancient Egypt and in this section you can visit some people who can translate your name into hieroglyphs and tell you about yourself from this translation.

Your birthday and the letters in your birth name translate into a multitude of meanings. Visit the expert numerologists in Prosperity to find out all that you want to know and more!

Do you have an article you would like to share in Prosperity? Send an email to Prosperity.

Articles: Conversations with my Dog by Jean-Claude Koven

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