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Katie Kane
uses spiritual psychotherapy modalities and healing techniques to clear the blocks that prevent us from expressing our highest potetial in life.

Leslie Aguillard, RN, CRRN
is located in Denver, Colorado, the sole proprietor of Artemis Healing Arts, and offers a variety of alternative and complimentary health care modalities to teach, treat and enhance your wellness and healing.

Ferenc Gyulafia
is a personal trainer, a Johnny G certified Spinning Instructor, and also practices Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy. He is a fine art engraver and photographer.

Karène Le Drian
is a swiss-french psychotherapist who has been trained in various forms of personal and spiritual development including: Ro-Hun Therapy, Group Ro-Hun, Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regressions, exploration and rebalancing of the chakras, individually and in groups, the Enneagram of the personalities and Holistic Healing. French version

Tanya Sibirskaya
is a talented clairvoyant - healer and sees all the organs in a person and their defects by phone or in person. She has helped many around the world.

Aurora Center
The Aurora Center offers classes and workshops in meditation and spiritual development, and on-going meditation circles and support groups that empower you to be the best you can be.

Prosperity Or Better Times Ten!
by Holly Hogue, Rick Hogue and Poochie Myers
When you answer the questions in this book, make the lists and perform the activities, you will soon find yourself getting what you ask for, or better times ten! has developed beautiful tools to enhance your own personal color therapy. TouchStones are created by hand with layers of colored glass and a variety of dichroic glasses fused together. The size of each TouchStone is approximately 1 1/2 by 3/4 inch, making them easy to carry, wear as jewelry, hold during meditations, or enhance your color readings or therapy sessions.

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