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Katie Kane
uses past life regression to enable individuals to access the unconsciuos for spiritual knowledge, healing of current problems and understanding one's soul abilities.

Sharon Klingler
is a clairvoyant and medium providing private consultations and classes in many metaphysical directives. Contact Sharon or Travel Into Your Past Lives with this audio tape.

Total Health Center
Christian Tal Schaller is a Swiss physician (M.D.) who has been trained in homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, shamanism, herbology, transpersonal psychotherapy, dietetics, etc. He is a specialist of Laughter therapy, Urotherapy, Past-life therapy, and a RoHun therapy master.

Universal Life Healing Center
Located in Irwin, Pennsylvania, the Universal Life Healing Church and Spiritual Center offers many classes and therapies. Past Life Regression Therapists are Sandra Tyler, Nancy Welsh, and Vera Russell.

A Present Life Regression Online to Determine Your Enneagram Point
by Holly Hogue

Travel Into Your Past Lives
Audio Tape by Sharon Klingler
Discover the different types of karmic patterns (side 1) and experience your past lives through a guided regression technique. (side 2)
(1 Hour total length)

P.O. Box 18304
Louisville KY 40261
(502) 454-4967
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