Clairvoyant Healer
(718) 645-3785
Tatiana "Tanya" Sibirskaya
Call Mon. - Fri.
9 - 7 P.M. EST

An Interview with Tanya:

She sees all the organs in a person and their defects without touching the body. Tanya’s abilities come forth in cases of cardiovascular diseases, urological and gynecological female disorders.

From her unique concentration of energy she is able to destroy kidney stones and gallstones. She can also demolish the center of formation in high cholesterol patients. Through her abilities, Tanya sites tumors, cysts and other neoplasms on the internal organs of men, women and children and destroys them.

A meeting with Tanya will give you the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive report about the condition of all your organs to the smallest capillaries.

Q. You not only see affected organs you can treat them as well. How do you do that?
A. I concentrate my thought and my sight on the affected organs and through me the powerful energy from the outside transfers into person...

Q. How many sessions does a person need as a rule?
A. There's no rule here. It's very individual. During your diagnosis consultation you will be told.

Q. Do you have to see your patient or you can do it without visual contact?
A. Both.

Q. What do you feel when you start working with a patient?
A. It's hard work and I feel very tired because I filtrate the patient's suffering.

Q. Do you practice group therapy?
A. Yes.

I receive letters from my clients from around the world all of the time about the changes that are occuring in their lives after our consultations: "When I was introduced to Ms. Sibirskaya, I suffered from an increasingly severe and debilitating condition. Her power of gifts, however one would choose to designate them, brought about a complete and total reversal of this "chronic" condition within a matter of days. I can say with absolute sincerity that I consider myself an educated and rational person, one who has not encountered anyone or anything comparable to Ms. Sibirskaya's abilities, which are profoundly spiritual in nature and which are inevitably applied for the health and well-being of others."
Richard K. Music Director, 1997
“Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. I underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, followed by six month of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy pushed me into an early menopause, and for the next six years, I was plagued with severe menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, headaches, breast pain, hemorrhaging, insomnia, fatigue and depression. I could not take hormones because of the cancer risk. Most of the time, I did not feel well and, almost all the time, I lived in fear of a recurrence of cancer. In May of 1995, I was introduced to Tanya. Without any prior knowledge of my condition, she was able to tell that I had had breast cancer, surgery, and intravenous chemotherapy and correctly described a full range of my symptoms. After meeting Tatiana, I began to feel better and within a few weeks my symptoms disappeared. From my personal point of view, there are many factors that might account for this. What Tanya provided to me was less of a physiological than a spiritual nature. Knowing her has strengthened my religious beliefs and made me more aware of my own spiritual side. Apart from the relief of my physical problems, I have become more philosophical - and the debilitating fear of cancer that I lived with for such a long time is no longer there.”
Barbara K. Executive Director, 1997
"I'm 75 years old, and have been practicing law since 1945. I have had osteoarthritis for about 15 years, with intermittent very severe pain and disabling swelling of joints from the hips down. Early in the illness I was obliged to take prescribed pain killers with disastrous side effects, with I gave up in favor of large doses of over-the-counter medication. Opposing my natural skepticism was severe pain, so I met Tanya. After a consultation, she said she needed ten sessions to help me. These sessions took place in a windowless room with Tanya sitting about eight feet from me. In prayer. She never touched me, but I felt better after my visits. About two weeks after my last session I realized I was waking each morning without pain or stiffness. I have been free of pain for almost a year, including through hip replacement surgery."
F.B. Attorney at Law, 1998
"Two months ago I had severe low back pain that kept me in bed under heavy medication for 5 days. On January 24, 2000 at 10 a.m I bend over and couldn't straighten up and even couldn't lay down. In panic I called a friend who told me before how much Tanya helped her. I was told were to call and spend next 50 minutes talking to Tanya. After that I was able to slowly walk around the room. In two hours I went to an appointment that I made a month ago, leaping and thinking that I would go back home right away. I came home at 10 p.m. I took 10 session with Tanya. I used to have headaches, couldn't digest food, it's all O.K. now. I still feel some discomfort in my low back but was told that in a couple of month it would go away too."
Debby M. 45 years old, 2/16/2000

P.O. Box 18304
Louisville KY 40261
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