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Artist:   Poochie Myers has been instructing people how to live more fruitfully for many years. An artist since birth, she has always appreciated the value of being free to express yourself. She has taught many classes and workshops using art as her media but now concentrates on the art of living a full, fun, productive life. Poochie's art has taken her many places, displaying her paintings, needlepoint, and wearable art internationally.

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Author:  Poochie joined Rick and Holly Hogue in the new prosperity book, Ask for Prosperity, Or Better Times Ten! a self-help book which steps the reader through manifesting what they want by making charts. The charts work really well for achieving any type of goal, including health, relationships and, yes money. Poochie has also illustrated this book. Look for announcements in Prosperity for the Prosperity webinar in the near future. Poochie is also the author of Knit Like Crazy, a book about knitting concepts from an artist's viewpoint and includes many elements and tricks to improve and enhance a person's knitting skills.

Poochie Myers and Holly and Rick Hogue designed a deck of cards called "You Deserve These Cards." If you enjoy Tarot, Runes, Medicine Cards, or similar cards, but would prefer to have interpretations spelled out on the cards, You Deserve These Cards! You don't need to memorize symbols or take workshops to use These Cards! They were channelled to work with any type of reading, and for daily clarification or affirmation building. A box of You Deserve These Cards! contains 100 playing-size cards in a rainbow of chakra colors, with affirmations and operative words on each end. The Ring of Completion layout and interpretation is included in each deck, which portrays your most current opportunities and helps you focus. The affirmations and operative words are available for your own self-reading. The decks of cards retail for $20 with shipping & handling included.

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