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How To Determine Your Enneagram Point
by Holly Hogue (Click here to see other information about Holly)

At an early age we formed our personalties through learned strategies and reactions to our parental figures. Our issues were created around one of three basic areas: security, control, or approval. We selected lessons about security, control, or approval based on thought patterns formed during childhood. If you want to discover which type you are on the Enneagram, it will be necessary to be completely honest with yourself. Which was most important to you while you were growing up ó security, control, or approval? Whatever triggered you when you were growing up is causing you to react the way you do today. Once you understand where your thought processes originate, you can restructure the energy of your personality if youíre not happy with your current direction.

Present Life Regression

Visualize yourself travelling back in this life to an age where you discovered you were an individual. Relax and journey back in time. See yourself getting younger amd going back into your childhood. Ask to remember your childhood and to return to a time when your personality was forming. Feel your awareness growing stronger as you travel back into your childhood. Ask to remember your feelings and observe the relationships which helped you form your personality. Feel yourself going back to the time when you realized you were an individual. Take a few moments to adjust to your surroundings. Look at your feet, your clothes, and then look at your surroundings. How did you wear your hair? How old are you? What is going on?

Bring your parents into focus. At this age of self-discovery, how did you relate with your parents? Who comes into focus first? What part does your family play in your life at this age?

Who else is there? Take a look at your friends. Look for surprises. How did you feel about your friends? How did your friends feel about you?

Now look at yourself at this age. What is your self-image? Look into your own eyes and see your inner child's thoughts. Ask to remember a significant event which helped you form your personality. Observe everything possible.

Which statement best describes how you felt about yourself when you were younger?
1 I must be perfect
2 I must help others
3 I am what I do
4 I am different from everyone
5 I don't know enough
6 I am always dutiful
7 I am so happy
8 My strength protects me
9 I am agreeable

Which group of statements best describe your childhood relationships with parental figures and others?

Scroll down this page to look at the lists which describe the 9 viewpoints or point to the number below to go to that section.

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