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Welcome to Prosperity! As a browser of this web site you have the ability to go to any area of the site. Enjoy any of the free things to do, like learning about different modalities of healing and self-help, get a color reading, check out your biorhythms, take an art lesson, find out what your personality type is with the Enneagram, get an affirmation for the day and much more. In addition to this, you can browse the shops in Prosperity and maybe find something you want to buy or check out the classifieds and then drop in and make a comment in the discussion areas. This site has been rated by Safe Surf as "G" rated for "ALL AGES" so relax and have a good time. Soon you will be able to browse through our recommended books and links sections for new products, read new books in electronic format, or even pay for your spot in the next generation of learning via seminars on-line.

It is free to list yourself in the Professionals Directory so people can find you on the prosperity web site in your own area. Select one area to be searched on. Sorry, no links to outside web sites and no html is allowed. You may list your e-mail address and phone number so that people are able to get in touch with you.

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Classified Ads
Do you have something for sale or want to promote a class you are giving? Prosperity receives over 350,000 visitors every month. Post your classifieds for $10 for 60 days.

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Individual Pages
Prosperity receives over 300,000 visitors per month from 72+ countries. The average page currently receives 2000 visitors in a month.

Each page in prosperity is $125 for one year and can include up to 50k of information, 4 graphics or logos, and links, etc. You supply the information and graphics via email or disk, along with the area of Prosperity that you want to be listed in, 25 key words, and a 25 word description of what your page is about, and $125 per page. We will display your page for one year from the date the page goes live. For an additional $30, your page will be listed one time to over 200,000 search engines and web lists. Changes can be made once per month to your page at an additional fee of $15 per page per time changed provided you supply the changed pages to us by e-mail and the changes do not constitute a new page. Sound easy? It is! Sign up through our secure online store or contact us by email when you are ready to start or call our 800 number (USA only) 1-800-866-2983 (this toll free number is answered by our sister company, Intent.Net). International calls: 011-1-502-454-4967.

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Your Web Site
When you host your G-rated web site with our sister company,, you may also have ONE page in Prosperity at no extra charge if you submit the page via email to in html format. The file for the page may be no larger than 50k. If you want us to design the page for you it will be $125. Extra charges of $15 per time changed will occur if you want to change or have us re-upload the page.

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