An Overview of Numerology

by Dr. Daniel R. Hardt, Master Numerologist 

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Numerology is the ancient and revealing science of numbers. Each number is a symbol for an energy force that has distinct traits. Numerology is a study of the numbers to which an individual most strongly responds, and the interrelationship of these numbers. Your name and birth date is a code for your life. Generally, numerologists deal with single digit numbers, by reducing (adding together) the numbers to a single digit.

Life Cycle Numbers

1 = Independent, ambitious, leader, initiator, protector
2 = Negotiator, peace-maker, romantic, nostalgic, behind the scenes
3 = Communicator, social, entertainer, writer, speaker, booster, joyous
4 = organizer, worker, fair judge, pillar of community, rigid, provider, physical
5 = Free spirit, explorer, traveler, talented, salesman
6 = Responsible, caring. compassionate, doctor, counselor, decorator, cosmic parent
7 = Seeker, analyzer, problem solver, different, introspective, observer
8 = Manager, businessman, leader, ambitious, desires the finest, status seeking
9 = Humanitarian, social mover, idealist, perfectionist, completion emotional

Master Numbers

Master level energy is designated by double digit numbers. Each master number provides its own form of service to mankind. People with master level energy are highly developed souls, who are on the earth plane to raise the level of humanity. They have unlimited potential. Should they use this power for selfish ends, or should they become egotistical, this same power would be destructive to them.

With increased development in our evolution, more of these double digit numbers will gain master level intensity. At the current stage, 11, 22, and 33 have become master numbers. 44 is filling to that level, and is beginning to show master energy characteristics. The ultimate fulfillment will be when all the double digit numbers have achieved master level power. No one can live totally on the master level of intensity. The reduced number must therefore also be considered. Most master level people take many years of growing to assimilate this energy and put it to appropriate use. In their early life, the potential is evident, but often limited in its use.

11/2 The Master Philosopher:

The eleven is to provide illumination to mankind. A person with this energy has much inner wisdom and a charisma that draws others to them. They are high level teachers and counselors. They are on an inner directed mission. Their psychic abilities are highly developed.
22/4 The Master Builder:
The 22 will build a tangible evidence on a grand scale of his or her life. This is the energy of world leaders, CEO's of multinational corporations and founders of major medical or educational institutions. It is their dream that brings together the necessary people and resources to create the reality.
33/6 The Master Teacher:
The 33 has a need to communicate the knowledge of the ages. If they do not share this inner depth they will stagnate or turn negative. They find original ways to encourage learning. The 33 often teaches through the arts or medicine. They are in the forefront of the search for truth.
44/8 The Master Manager:
As the 44 learns to synthesize the physical plane with the higher realms, he or she becomes the conscious bridge between these worlds. The 44 will learn to be a creator, able to manifest at will whatever is held in desire.

Submitted by Life Path Numerology Center, Inc.
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