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Bill Ellis
is a Pranic Healing Practitioner, as well as a Master and Teacher of Chios Healing, Reiki, plus a Magnified Healing and Radiesthesia Teacher. Bill shares his expertise in Beyond Hands-On Healing, a book available in PDF format to promote your own health and balance, and that of your family, friends and animals.


About Pranic Healing by Bill Ellis

and be sure to check out Bill's book in the online secure shops:

Beyond Hands-On Healing in JPG format
Available in a PDF file
for $5.00


color chart

Enhance your Pranic Healing practice with TouchStones. Theyare created by hand with layers of colored glass and a variety of dichroic glasses fused together. The size of each TouchStone is approximately 1 1/2 by 3/4 inches, making them easy to work with during your sessions. They are available in the Shops NOW!




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