A Relationship List Or Better Times Ten!

by Ronda Carty 

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A few years ago I was told of a wonderful way two people ended up meeting and I love to share this to others that I know and don't know as well.

Sometimes it is the most simplest of things that can deliver happiness. Making a list of anything is to manifest it to be. It is like setting a goal down on paper, in front of you, not just in your head. By doing so you are searching for what you want. It might be a job, a home a new mate. When you make a list of your desires, think of all the aspects of what you want to manifest and

ask for what you want or BETTER x 10!
For a home ... you might want a certain location in town ... or BETTER x 10 ...
For a job you might want it to include a company car ... or BETTER x 10!

Share your desires so that others can help you with refining them or testing them The people you share with might just know that person, job or home you are wishing for.

Here is all you need to do:

  1. With pen and paper in hand think of the things that you would like in a mate, things they might enjoy with you, things you know from the past that work and don't work Keep in mind positive things, what you put down in writing you really end up with, so think before you write any words on your list. For example, I found that I forgot one very important item on the first list I created I didn't put down that they needed to be "single." I ended up meeting people that were everything on my list but were married. So, think of things like that as well.
  2. After you create your list, you need to share the list with others and the idea of making a list as well. Sharing the idea is a great way that leads into showing your list to others. There might just be that person out there and it could come from someone you share your list with as did with this one couple. They ended up together from a list being shared with another co-worker that stated, "this is my son" and sure enough it was and the co-worker is now Mother-in- law, and they are very happy and still in love as much today as the day they met and better times 10. I can hold my right hand up on this statement and since it worked for them, why not for the rest of us?
  3. Don't worry that your list is right or wrong, time will show this to you and if you need to sit back down and do another one, then do so. I wanted a single man not a married one and I then also added things I didn't think of the first time around.
  4. When a new person enters your life, take a look at your list from time to time and see if they are matching up. I shared my list with the man I am seeing and he asked me if he could keep it which surprised me, but I did make a copy of my list for him. He does match up to my list, but for one thing in question. I put "needs to live near me" on my list, but this depends on how you look at the word "near," doesn't it? So again, think of what you mean while you write your list.
So, in keeping with the sharing of the list you can take a look at mine which was revised over 2 years ago. I stayed true to my desires and am very happy that I am with the one that matches my list, not one that falls short of it.

  • Honest
  • Employed and Happy with Job
  • Allows me to play on the computer, it ismy toy
  • Light drinker, light smoker
  • Listens as well as talks
  • Spiritual person
  • Enjoys animals
  • Accepts my son
  • Can use Tools
  • Positive
  • Funny
  • Happy
  • Enjoys comedy, have humor
  • Likes People, or ok in or at Parties
  • Can work together with Projects
  • Be Open to Learn
  • To Grow on your own and Together
  • Business-Minded
  • Grow Together as times change
  • Be a Night Person, or understand that I am
  • Taller Than Me (that should be an easy one)
  • Nice Looking - Nice Smile - Outgoing - have "Brains"
  • No Major Neat Freak
  • Treat me like a lady
  • Can Iron
  • Likes to get out and have fun
  • No Students of life, I don't want to be a teacher
  • One who needs no more children
  • Enjoys water, Hot tubs
  • One who can relax
  • Shoots Pool and enjoys it
  • Wear colognes such as Coolwater, Obsession, DAR Noir. etc.
  • Risk taker (somewhat)
  • Likes the finer things in life but not hung up on it
  • No REDNECKS equal to Jeff Foxworthy jokes
  • Someone I can make a commitment to and they will also
  • Be a Friend
  • Show affection in public
  • Go to public outings, fairs, craft shows, art shows..etc.
  • Single
  • Free with no past lover hang ups
  • Not a drug user
  • Not a "poor-me" personality
  • Understand me and my "Full Moon"
  • No 2 minute Charlie in bed
  • Likes to experience new things or new places
  • Is Dominant as much as Submissive
  • Be a good Kisser
  • Surprise me with simple things
  • No Whiners
  • Not a shadow
  • Will workout with me
  • Be sharp
  • Can cook also
  • Likes to travel
  • Likes to have fun
  • Will fly
  • Lives near me
  • "HQ" shopper (I love hardware stores)
  • Will sit down every 6 months for a heart to heart open talk
I hope that by showing you this from me it might help you also in all that you seek in your desires for happiness and relationships. KEEP Smiling ... It looks good on YOU! POST YOUR LIST ... Who knows? That person might read it and say, "Oh my, that is me to a tee!"

P.O. Box 18304
Louisville KY 40261
(502) 454-4967
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