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Debra Susan Antin
Master RoHun Therapist, Atlanta, Georgia

Delphi University
The RoHun Instititute was founded in 1983 by Patricia Hayes. All levels of RoHun training, McCaysville, Georgia.

Holly Hogue
RoHun Therapist, Louisville, Kentucky

  Katie Kane
Doctor of RoHun Therapy, Atlanta, Georgia

Karčne G. LeDrian
Doctor of RoHun Therapy, Geneva, Switzerland

Poochie Myers
Doctor of RoHun Therapy, Huntington, West Virginia, Key West, Florida, McCaysville, Georgia and will travel to your City

Universal Life Healing Center
Ro-Hun Therapists Rev. Dr. Sandra Tyler and Rev. Dr. Nancy Welsh, Irwin, Pennsylvania

What is Ro-Hun?, The Therapy and Descriptions of Sessions co-authored by Poochie Myers and Holly Hogue

What People are Saying about RoHun by Holly Hogue

Katie Kane
Katie Kane
A Doctor of RoHun Therapy, Katie Kane uses spiritual psychotherapy modalities and healing techniques to clear the blocks that prevent us from expressing our highest potetial in life.

P.O. Box 18304
Louisville KY 40261
(502) 454-4967
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