Enneagram Type 7

You know the saying, “blondes have more fun?” This phrase was probably coined by a blonde 7! When it comes to happiness, 7s will go to extremes. Whatever their pleasure, they feel they can’t get enough so they go in search for more. People, places and things prompt them to laughingly say, “gimme, gimme, gimme,” but average to unhealthy 7s are not kidding — they want it all and more! On the low side 7s take as much as they can from the environment for their own pleasure.

Talented, high-spirited and clever, some people refer to 7s as having monkey-mind energy. In love with all forms of pleasure, 7s are truly experiential personalities. They understand the workings of the Universe where abundance is concerned and believe the world was made for them to experience everything in every fun way possible. They like using their vivid imaginations for everything they do, especially when it comes to planning something fun.

7s live in the now. If they can’t have something they want right away, they immediately become interested in something they can have right NOW. Don’t expect a 7 to sit around waiting for you, because they know there are bigger and better things out there and discovering these experiences are part of the fun. 7s seem to be in perpetual motion, doing and overdoing with infinite amounts of dreams and desires.

Healthy 7s not only teach us all to enjoy life, but they replenish the Universe by recognizing and sharing their abundance of talents, usually in world-record type fashion.

©1999-2003 Holly Hogue
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